Welcome to the Report on the Results of the

Survey of Engineering Service Providers 

in the Mid-Atlantic Region


Business and Marketing

Supporting Information

Business and Marketing Report (1.1MB) Lists of Competitors in MD, NC, SC, VA & WV1,3

Appendix I Part 1   Survey Report (192KB)

Survey Raw Data & Graphs Part 12,3
Appendix I Part 2      Summary Graphs2,3     Survey Raw Data & Graphs Part 22,3
Appendix 1 Part 3     State by State Analyses2,3 Mapped Statistical Results
Survey Form (Questions) Survey Statistics (Answers) More Raw Data2,3
State by State Results2,3 Company Web Pages1,3 
Appendix II  State Economies2


1.    This information has been redacted due to privacy reasons in this online edition.

2.    This information has been omitted from the online edition due to space limitations (>100MB). 

3.    Available by purchase only.  ($100 for entire privacy-redacted report and data on CD.  Includes all items marked with notes 2 and 3.)  

                Send me an e-mail to ask to purchase the report on CD:     Sam, I want the entire redacted report.


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**      This study was conducted from September 1998 through December, 2000,

         by Samuel D. Johnson, an MBA student at Frostburg State University (Frederick, MD, campus).