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Welcome to my genealogy website.  I hope you find it interesting, useful and helpful.


JohnsonGenealogy is ....

-    a domicile for the documentation of the genealogy of my Johnson family and all direct ancestors;

-    an instrument to facilitate genealogical research on the Johnson ancestry'

-    a place where anyone can easily read about and study the genealogy presented here;

-    an avenue to provide feedback and commentary on the genealogical information presented;

-    a resource to keepsake copies of key records, photos and other documents and make them available 

     to family members, relatives and certified genealogists interested in our family heritage while protecting 

     the privacy of living individuals;

-    a central point of reference for all of the above by providing links and addresses to related websites and 

     information on other sources of information.

About me .....

When I was young, I was never really interested in our family history or heritage.  It was only in recent years that I realized this was all slipping away.  Many of my relatives had bits and pieces of information, but there was no concerted effort to preserve that knowledge.  

I had spent 34 years in the U. S. Navy and away from my siblings almost all of that time.  As I was nearing retirement, for various reasons, the need became clear to me.  Not that I would have done any better.  Certainly not.  But I had a different perspective.   My wife is an ancestor of an original  Mayflower passenger and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).  All those years I watched and learned how beautifully the Mayflower Society and the DAR preserve and protect their heritage.  Many people place little value in such things, but over the years, its value becomes clear and the wisdom of those doing the work even more so.  Thus, I gradually became interested in genealogy.  

About three years ago, I began accumulating a library of computerized resources and now own over 30 CDs of genealogical data and reference material.  Myself and my family are members of FamilyTreemaker and genealogy.,com.

Then, about a year ago, I became aware of a now elderly third cousin who 12 years before had done a tremendous amount of work researching and documenting the Newby family lineage of my Mother's mother and her ancestors.  Even though this is for the most part a well established line, he added to it with a truly professional effort in the document "Newby Family Genealogy" which I digitized (scan and optically convert to a Word file) and put on this website so that all may benefit from his work.  He fully supports this effort.

From there, the family heritage drew me in deeper and deeper, culminating in this website and many other efforts.

I am not a professional genealogist, have taken no formal training and probably never will.  So, please be patient with my mistakes and please inform me of them through the feedback mechanism above.  And please feel free to also use the feedback page to contribute whatever information you have regarding any of the people or families you know of on this website OR that you think should be on this website.



                                                                                                                Sam Johnson





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