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VAR = Veteran of the American Revolution

VKW = Veteran of the Korean War



My Family's Genealogy

My Father's Side:

    VKW:    Uncle Herbert Inducted Into the Hall of Heroes

    Genealogy_of_the Samuel_F_M_Johnson_Family

    Papa Johnson 1920 U.S. Census

        (Shows Samuel B. Swann in same residence


    Croft Johnson 1870 U.S. Census (GA)

           (May be Papa Johnson's father)

My Mother's Side:

    Mildred Mae (Anthony) Johnson's Ancestors

    Mildred Johnson_back to Hugh Hatton

    MildredJohnson_back to ZacharyWade

    Newby Family Genealogy

    JamesNewby_1910 Census


    VAR:  Revolutionary War History of John Crisp

    VAR:  Descendants of John Crisp

    VAR:  Descendants of Loyd Portwood