Introduction:    Sam's Bible Tools are mostly NOT new or original material.  For the most part, the important parts of these tools come straight out of the Bible.  In many cases, I have taken text from other websites and edited it to suit the purprose here.  Where this occurs, I have always tried to give credit where credit is due.  Also, my edits are never intended to change the meaning of the original.  Lists, etc., are usually compiled from information on multiple websites.  Some of these documents contain graphics.  Much of these graphics are my original work. 



Sam's Tools

A Brief Biography of Jesus

Whom Say Ye That I Am?

Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?

Why Did Jesus Come?

Miracles by Jesus

Miracles by Jesus (original version)

Miracles By Jesus  (Larger Print)

Jesus' Last Words

Jesus Last Words


Prophecies of Jesus:

The Christ of Whom the Old Testament Speaks



9 Powerful Gifts of the Spirit

Gifts of God (part 1)

Gifts of God (part 2)

Gifts of the Holy Spirit




All The New Testament Commandments

Commands in the New Testament

List of Commands in the New Testament

The Seven Churches of the Revelation

The Seven Churches of the Revelation